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“Out of Darkness, Light always emerges…”

Added on July 31, 2017

And here we are. No publicists writing this update, just us.

So, where have we been?

Without going into enough detail to crash the site, suffice to say that we’ve been diving deeper than ever before- laughing, crying, thinking, trying not to think, rocking hard, and asking ourselves all of The Important Questions. In this, we realized that the thrust of one soul- which has always included many souls- is to create something we've come to call Slaves To The Sky. (Excuse us for seeming arcane; there will be more on that at another time.)

Consequently we’ve decided that One Soul Thrust will no longer release music into the mainstream path. But fear not; this is no ending. We’re rocking better than ever…

What we’re doing from now on is recording and performing music only for those of you who have stuck by us for these last 8 years, and anyone else who open-heartedly asks to join this rock ‘n’ roll medicine show. Basically, we’re Members Only now. To have access to this club of fellow soul-thrustin’ rockers, simply email us through this site and your email address will be added to our list, or request to join the One Soul Thrust secret Facebook page. Members will receive updates and new music whenever we have something to offer that we think might serve the collective cause, this musical cause that we willingly share with those who fervently wish it. 

We Love being on this Journey with You, and look forward to the continuation of it.


Salem, Jag & Todd

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