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Golden Souls Releases Raw

Added on March 27, 2020

SoulThrusters, as you know, the world is upside down. 

It's times like these when people have to mine the gold from deep within our souls. As an artist, Salem has always believed that some amongst us are special & they've come to guide & to heal, often against all odds. In the summer of 2018 she wrote a song about that concept called "Golden Souls". She envisioned many voices on the song & on Aug. 21, some of you, our beloved SoulThrusters, joined us at an rock reception & we recorded your voices (+ the voices of some other cool & funky people) for the outro. 

We've decided to immediately pre-release a version of that song, as the first single from our new album, complete with a raw video (filmed, edited & produced within the last 5 days while we were all separated in isolation) & your voices giving hope at the end. This is a one-time version. It'll go onto our social media pages as a file wherever possible. Feel free to join our Facebook group (not a band page, but a group) download it & share it. That version will stay on that page until we release Slaves to the Sky, Masters to the Mess, when the final version will be released. It draws upon our rock souls (the verses), the spirit of the rock singer/songwriter (the chorus) & our Celtic roots (the bridge). 

Here's the Youtube link. 

Here's the Vimeo link.

Take care of each other.
Love, Salem, Jag & Todd

P.S. The lyrics in prose format, if you're so inclined...
"A golden soul, raised by wolves, it's true, it's true, it's true. Winter's light, thin & slight, surrounds you, but you know what to do. Your heart's an amulet, wear it well, upon your sleeve so we can tell.  
Golden Souls raised by wolves know, what must be done. Golden Souls raised by wolves, oh it's just begun. A Golden Soul is one who knows, how to lead us home. Souls so old come when we're cold, never fear. They're here. Face the growl, the mourning howl. Unleash the fear. From sovereignty to serenity, is why you're here. The darkest night is your talisman. You have the Sight & Compassion. This darkness is derivative. The more we pour it on, the less we live. They have come, so we understand, there are much greater forces, at hand. They're here..." © S. Jones

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