A Few Words from a Fan or Two...

Added on May 13, 2021

"...intelligent and hard-driving Rock music, for over a decade as One Soul Thrust, a.k.a. 1ST... their newest album, 'Slaves to the Sky, Masters to the Mess' is out on a double vinyl set and it is a banger. The artwork is stunning, the pressings are flat and quiet 180g beauties with no surface noise, and the production and performances are of the very highest calibre. (You can also buy a digital download, but the vinyl set is too stunning to pass up!)"

"... we listened to the album again today, at top volume, while doing our weekend thang around the main floor of the house. We just love it! Jag and Todd's playing is amazing start to finish, and there seems to me to be a bit more of a groove factor to some of the new songs, which really sets it apart from the first three albums. And Salem. There's something I've wanted to say since my very first listen to this record but didn't know how to phrase it... I hope I get it right here... I have all three previous 1ST albums and have always been in awe of the vocal power, but holy guacamole, Sister, thesinging on the latest album is just stunning...what is "different" here (and this is the part I struggled with, because there was CERTAINLY nothing "off" on the earlier records) -- did Alesandro mic / record / mix vocals differently? Is it a tighter emotional connection to the songs...?..."

"Further feedback on the album (we are spinning them again this morning)...The Fight for Love has a super sexy undertone. The singing and the playing feels like connection. Another great piece. Thank you for making music."

Salem Jones to Work on Global Project with Helhammer & Denander

Added on March 24, 2021

One Soul Thrust's founder and songstress, Salem Jones, will be singing a song written for her by Aussie rocker Steven Helhammer  in the early summer of 2021. The song is part of an album Helhammer is recording with several musicians from around the globe. The project will have the distinction of being produced by Tommy Denander (Michael Jackson, Paul Stanley, Alice Cooper, Deep Purple, Anastacia, Ricky Martin, Hollywood Vampires, Rob Thomas, Jeff Beck, Peter Cetera, Richard Marx, Rob Zombie, Vince Gill, Ke$ha, Steve Perry, Robert "Mutt" Lange, David Foster, Max Martin, Bob Ezrin, Desmond Child, Humberto Gatica, Bob Clearmountain, Denniz Pop, and Chris Lord Alge).

The song, though currently still under wraps, is said to have a thematic "aussie rock" feel to it. Stay tuned...

1ST's Jones & Mollerup to Work on Industrial Metal Project

Added on December 30, 2020

One Soul Thrust's Salem Jones & Jag Mollerup are currently re-mixing two songs from reclusive industrial metal artist, IXth Key. The songs, entitled Bellum & Discordium, were originally created in the epicenter of the area where George Floyd was murdered, where IXth Key happened to be working at the time.

IXth Key is very enthusiastic about the project and lending rock to industrial metal is something all three artists involved welcome. When asked what he wanted from the collaboration, IXth Key simply stated, "Art."

Slaves to the Sky, Masters to the Mess Digital Tracks Release Jan. 1, 2021!

Added on December 6, 2020

For Immediate Release:

Here it is SoulThrusters!

January 1, 2021 the digital version of One Soul Thrust's 4th album, Slaves to the Sky, Masters to the Mess releases to these outlets!

  • iTunes
  • Apple Music
  • Spotify
  • Amazon Music
  • YouTube Music
  • Pandora
  • Deezer
  • iHeartRadio
  • Napster
  • Tencent
  • TikTok/Resso
  • Triller/7Digital
  • BOOM
  • NetEase
  • Gaana
  • Joox
  • TIM
  • Wynk/Hungama
  • Zed+
  • MediaNet
  • TouchTunes/PlayNetwork
  • VerveLife
  • Tidal
  • Gracenote
  • Shazam
  • YouSee Musik / Telmore Musik
  • KKBox
  • Music Island
  • Anghami
  • Spinlet
  • Neurotic Media
  • Yandex
  • ClaroMusica
  • Zvooq
  • JioSaavn
  • Q.Sic
  • Kuack
  • Boomplay Music
  • MusicTime


Added on October 28, 2020

“Slaves to The Sky, Masters to The Mess”, One Soul Thrust’s 4th album, a Double Vinyl Limited Edition reviewed to be their best ever is now available! Contact us through the contact page on this site to purchase your copy. $45.00 + shipping. Only 75 remain at this writing.

Todd Interviewed on Helhammer Hangout

Added on September 28, 2020

Catch Todd Pretty, 1ST's illustrious drummer, interviewed by Aussie Steven Helhammer.

The UK's Neville Brooks from RPM Online Reviews STTS, MTTM

Added on September 20, 2020

Check this link to see what music journalist & longtime follower of 1ST, Nev Brooks, has to say about "Slaves to the Sky, Masters to the Mess"!

One Soul Thrust Hires a Bassist

Added on August 2, 2020


In early June, 2020, with the Greatest of Pleasures, One Soul Thrust announced the arrival of a new bassist! Murray Robert Taylor, aka The Professor. Murray, hailing from Edmonton, AB, is a multi-instrumentalist who takes over the bass chair in the band not a moment too soon. He & Todd played together back when dinosaurs roamed the land in a band called Sonica.

We recently had our first rehearsal to prep for the Slaves to the Sky, Masters to the Mess release concert. Physically distanced, of course, something we have never done before. (We venture to say, perhaps no band has ever done that before c19.)

Head over & become a Patron on our Patreon page to get all the news first! This will also allow you access to our Secret Rock Society Facebook page. ;)

Stay tuned!!

A Helhammer Hangout with Jag

Added on August 2, 2020

Aussie podcaster Steven Helhammer talks to Jag!

Check this fantastic interactive interview with Salem!

Added on May 27, 2020

Here's a link to this one. Helhammer talked to her for over 2 hours.

Catch Salem TONIGHT Live & Interactive with Aussie PodcasterSteve Helhammer!

Added on May 26, 2020

Tonight, Tuesday, May 26, 7:00pm MT Steve Helhammer does a Helhammer Hangout with Salem. This is a FB live event, so jump in with your questions! See you there!

The First Review of "Slaves to the Sky, Masters to the Mess"

Added on May 20, 2020

While we wait for the pressing plants to come up to schedule, pre-release reviews of the 4th album are starting to come in. Check out what Susan Omand from AlbieMedia Arts & Music has to say about it.

Golden Souls Releases Raw

Added on March 27, 2020

SoulThrusters, as you know, the world is upside down. 

It's times like these when people have to mine the gold from deep within our souls. As an artist, Salem has always believed that some amongst us are special & they've come to guide & to heal, often against all odds. In the summer of 2018 she wrote a song about that concept called "Golden Souls". She envisioned many voices on the song & on Aug. 21, some of you, our beloved SoulThrusters, joined us at an rock reception & we recorded your voices (+ the voices of some other cool & funky people) for the outro. 

We've decided to immediately pre-release a version of that song, as the first single from our new album, complete with a raw video (filmed, edited & produced within the last 5 days while we were all separated in isolation) & your voices giving hope at the end. This is a one-time version. It'll go onto our social media pages as a file wherever possible. Feel free to join our Facebook group (not a band page, but a group) download it & share it. That version will stay on that page until we release Slaves to the Sky, Masters to the Mess, when the final version will be released. It draws upon our rock souls (the verses), the spirit of the rock singer/songwriter (the chorus) & our Celtic roots (the bridge). 

Here's the Youtube link. 

Here's the Vimeo link.

Take care of each other.
Love, Salem, Jag & Todd

P.S. The lyrics in prose format, if you're so inclined...
"A golden soul, raised by wolves, it's true, it's true, it's true. Winter's light, thin & slight, surrounds you, but you know what to do. Your heart's an amulet, wear it well, upon your sleeve so we can tell.  
Golden Souls raised by wolves know, what must be done. Golden Souls raised by wolves, oh it's just begun. A Golden Soul is one who knows, how to lead us home. Souls so old come when we're cold, never fear. They're here. Face the growl, the mourning howl. Unleash the fear. From sovereignty to serenity, is why you're here. The darkest night is your talisman. You have the Sight & Compassion. This darkness is derivative. The more we pour it on, the less we live. They have come, so we understand, there are much greater forces, at hand. They're here..." © S. Jones

The Title of the 4th Album

Added on October 17, 2019

Slaves to The Sky, Masters to The Mess  

is the title of the 4th album.

This came out of Salem the same time the decree from the album came out of the Aether. And likely from the same place.

And the 4th Album has been recorded!

Added on August 29, 2019

Yes, SoulThrusters! The recording is complete! Alessandro will have it mixed & mastered by mid-September. Our Patreon page has most updates. (There's also the secret Facebook page. ;))

Where to Find Updates on the 4th Album

Added on June 4, 2019

As you may know by now our Patreon page is where it's at to get The News! Consider becoming a Patron for exclusive content & updates. That small monthly donation (as low as $2.00 per month) is what will keep this project rocking live & in studio. One thing we'll let you know here is that our version of The Pretty Reckless' Take Me Down, won't be on the new album. We know, we know, sooooo many fans love our version, but we're original artists & we have some great new songs for you. Trust us; we're a Secret Rock Society. ;)

Our Patreon Page is Live.

Added on December 13, 2018

Our Patreon page has launched! Many, many thanks to those of you who have stayed with us, always asking, "How can I support you guys?!" This is how. As we move toward the new album (& SoulThrusters, the songs for this one are CRAZYGOOD) we look forward to connecting to all of You who join us on The Journey!

“Out of Darkness, Light always emerges…”

Added on July 31, 2017

And here we are. No publicists writing this update, just us.

So, where have we been? Read on and please note this post has been updated as of Sept. 2018.

Without going into enough detail to crash the site, suffice to say that we’ve been diving deeper than ever before- laughing, crying, thinking, trying not to think, rocking hard, and asking ourselves all of The Important Questions. As you may know, One Soul Thrust no longer releases music into the mainstream path in the ways we used to. But fear not; this is no ending. We’re rocking better than ever and in all of this twisting and turning, we've realized that the thrust of one soul- which has always included many souls- is to Always Create. This, of course, is our dharma. But the endgame is elusive. We now believe that it will remain a mystery, especially to us, as The Grand Design is actually being re-created every nano second...

We continue to record and perform  music only for those of you who have stuck by us for these last 9 years, plus anyone else who open-heartedly asks to join this rock ‘n’ roll medicine show. Basically, we’re a Secret Rock Society. To have access to this club of fellow soul-thrustin’ rockers, simply email us through this site and your email address will be added to our list, or request to join the One Soul Thrust secret Facebook page. Members receive updates and new music whenever we have something to offer that we think might serve the collective cause, this musical cause that we willingly share with those who fervently wish it. That said, we will gradually turn most of that into this...

The One Soul Thrust Patreon page where you can connect with us, receive exclusive perks, & support us financially. Many who are large-hearted amongst you have expressed the desire to do just that & you'll be able to do it there. Thank you for realizing that making music costs money, & if you always access it for free, pretty soon only celebrities (or actors with unrealized adolescent dreams) will be releasing it, leaving reality by the wayside.

We Love being on this Journey with You, and look forward to the continuation of it.


Salem, Jag & Todd

Hold The Vision, Trust The Process Official Release Concert Nov. 12

Added on November 3, 2016

On Saturday, Nov. 12, 2016, 8:00pm MT, One Soul Thrust will play an invitation-only show at a secret location in Edmonton to celebrate their third album “Hold The Vision, Trust The Process”. The private nature of this event makes it borderline performance art since the crowd will be pre-qualified as “only the people who REALLY want to be there.”

To receive an invitation to this unique show, potential attendees need to contact the band with a story about their connection to 1ST.  Salem, the band’s founder, offers this explanation for the nature of the show, “The goal of the night is to have a room full of positive and fully engaged people. Like everything in life, it’s all about what we give each other.”

Confirmed show-goers will receive a text 4 hours prior to show time telling them the location, and are promised a night of rock & secrets shared with the band.

One Soul Thrust have been called one of Canada’s best kept secrets and have been shined on by some of rocks finest. "Hold The Vision, Trust The Process" was released in two parts this year. "Hold The Vision," debuted last May, and "Trust The Process" releases Oct. 15, 2016. Superimposing the two respective album covers creates one. The graphics for the project were done by a reclusive Canadian artist who has done all of the band's artwork with the exception of their first album "1ST", where incidentally they worked with the legendary Glenn Hughes.

2nd Half of 3rd Album Released!

Added on October 15, 2016

We've commandeered our own site to share the links to buy Trust The Process.

It's available at Amazon, iTunes and CD Baby.

Meanwhile, enjoy this interesting review of the album, where two journalists from the same media company disagree about one of the songs right in front of you.


The Official HTVTTP Release Concert November 12, 2016

Added on September 19, 2016


On Saturday, Nov. 12, 2016, 8:00pm MT, One Soul Thrust will play an invitation-only show at a secret location in Edmonton to celebrate their third album “Hold The Vision, Trust The Process”. The private nature of this event makes it borderline performance art since the crowd will be pre-qualified as “only the people who REALLY want to be there.”

To receive an invitation to this unique show, potential attendees need to contact the band with a story about their connection to 1ST.  Salem, the band’s founder, offers this explanation for the nature of the show, “The goal of the night is to have a room full of positive and fully engaged people. Like everything in life, it’s all about what we give each other.”

Confirmed show-goers will receive a text 4 hours prior to show time telling them the location, and are promised a night of rock & secrets shared with the band.

One Soul Thrust have been called one of Canada’s best kept secrets and have been shined on by some of rocks finest. "Hold The Vision, Trust The Process" was released in two parts this year. "Hold The Vision," debuted last May, and "Trust The Process" releases Oct. 15, 2016. Superimposing the two respective album covers creates one. The graphics for the project were done by a reclusive Canadian artist who has done all of the band's artwork with the exception of their first album "1ST", where incidentally they worked with the legendary Glenn Hughes.

Perfect Scream Video Release

Added on July 20, 2016


Today, July 12, 2016, Canada’s purist rock band ONE SOUL THRUST release the video of “Perfect Scream” their second single from their third album “Hold The Vision,”.

Perfect Scream is a funk-based rock song about ignition, that event that sparks a human soul into an inferno of resolution. Lyrically turned into a love song by the band’s lyricist and founder, Salem Jones, all reports come down to “you can’t help but move to this one”.

The video was filmed and edited by a reclusive Canadian creator with skills that range from music to gamer creations to graphic design.

“Hold The Vision,”(comma intended) is Side A of One Soul Thrust's third album. “Trust The Process”, Side B, is due out in autumn 2016, even though both sides were completed at the same time. The whole project, “Hold The Vision, Trust The Process” saw the band working for the third time with well-known euro-producer Alessandro Del Vecchio.

Perfect Scream video

“Hold The Vision,”


UK Review of

Added on June 10, 2016

Susan Omand listens to the latest music from a Canadian rock band that won't be a well kept secret for very long...

There are only three (non classical) female singing voices that I actively enjoy listening to. Salem Jones from One Soul Thrust is one of them (the other two being Annie Lennox and Chrissie Hynde in case you’re interested). The rest I find lack projection and richness, missing character and clarity in melodic songs and going screechy when they actually try for power. Salem has both vocal power and range and a rich, characterful clarity so I was overjoyed when I heard that a new One Soul Thrust album was coming out....

Hold on. Who? What do you mean you’ve never heard of them?! OK, not many have on this side of the water as they are “one of Canada’s best kept secrets”. I discovered them thanks to Twitter several years ago, around the time of their second album release, and have been following their progress ever since. One Soul Thrust describe themselves as a “purist original rock band” who write their own songs. Their sound is, well, incredible. It’s classic rock with a 21st century twist, fresh and original but at the same time comfortably familiar. It IS pure but without being clinical, powerful without ever losing its soul. It’s everything I need from a rock band. And I really get the feeling that they’re everything they need from a rock band too as they are obviously very comfortable together, sounding tight and professional as a unit, with everyone getting a chance to shine. As well as Salem’s soaring vocals and rhythm guitar, there’s Jag Mollerup on lead guitar and backing vocals, Anna Portalupi on bass and Todd Pretty’s “pounding hypno-grooves”... or drums to everyone else.

So what of the new album? "Hold the Vision," is actually the first part of a two part release, Hold the Vision, Trust the Process, with the second part due out in October. Therefore, this isn’t really a full album on its own as such, being only 6 tracks, but it works very well as a standalone EP release. However I am also very excited to see if a new perspective on these tracks will be revealed when it stands alongside the second part come the autumn. Before I get into the track by track though I really must mention three things to save me repeating them for every track. Firstly, the writing is always lyrically strong and always with a message. Secondly, as I said above, the music is fresh but familiar feeling. This is a really great thing though as the hooks are immediate and nothing jars. It’s the album you feel like you’ve had in your rock collection for years, listened to regularly and keep going back to when you need a lift. Thirdly, I must mention the production. Often these days, bands will sound so over-produced on albums that you feel the live experience must be completely different. The sound engineering and production on this album is second to none, capturing the heart and soul of the band and their music without compromising on sound quality and polish. Bravo!

Going track by track on Hold the Vision

1 Pthumper

Yeah, yeah, yeah! Salem’s voice is the first thing you hear before the band kicks in for a thumper indeed of a first track. I can’t decide if the spoken verses remind me more of Falco’s Rock Me Amadeus or the Rocky Horror Show’s Sweet Transvestite but in either case it is great glam fun with a heavy backline punctuating Salem’s powerful singing.

2 Perfect Scream

I believe this may be the next single from the album as the band, according to their Twitter feed anyway, are out shooting the video for it today! Jag’s unique guitar sound takes centre stage for the opening to this one before Salem’s vocals kick in and the really hooky guitar riff carries throughout. You can’t help but move to this one.

3 Naked Arms of Love

This is pure 80’s rock. There is no other way to describe it. The driving beat and soaring vocals. The stunning guitar solo. Even the feedback noise at the end that fades to silence before the gig crowd in your head goes wild (or is that just me). It’s so, so eighties. And it’s utterly wonderful.

4 Good Day

This is a good good day. And this is a good good song to sing along to with an incredibly catchy chorus. And that transposition and change in pace near the end song as the beat drops... I’m afraid there’s only one word for it. Sexy.

5 Chambers of Truth

This is the first single off the album and, if I’m honest, for me it’s the weakest song on here. It’s not bad by any means, of course not, it just has to compete with some absolute belters. Maybe it’s because it’s more ballady than the others and I don’t really get with the slushy stuff. It certainly showcases the clarity, range and beauty of Salem’s voice and the virtuosity of Jag’s guitar playing. Just not my favourite having heard the rest of the album.

6 Truthbringer

Oh my god, Todd’s drumming. Stunning. Poor guy must always be shattered after this one. What a great track to end the album and leave the door open for part 2.

So, yeah. If this new album from One Soul Thrust is the vision I, for one, am definitely holding it. I suggest you do too.


Added on May 17, 2016


Sometimes called one of Canada’s best kept secrets, today, Edmonton, Alberta’s ONE SOUL THRUST release their latest offering, “Hold The Vision,” in a show of heartfelt compassion by donating 100% of the proceeds for the first 30 days (when most sales occur) to help rebuild Ft. McMurray, a city centred in an area of Alberta that has been ravaged by a still-burning wildfire approximately the size of New York City.

One Soul Thrust’s drummer, Todd Pretty, grew up in Ft. McMurray and has seen his family evacuated and his childhood neighbourhood burned. Approximately 100,000 people have been displaced and as the release date for “Hold The Vision,” coincided with the tragedy, the band felt they wanted to offer proceeds as a way to help the destroyed community and the displaced residents.

The album was already finished when the fire broke out yet interestingly it reflects the band’s relation to it. The opening track is a song called “Pthumper” written about Pretty, and track #3 “Naked Arms of Love”, uses the image of running through fire into loving arms. Much of the rest of the album suggests coming through adversity to find new strength through love. Intuitive to the core like many artists, One Soul Thrust now feels that they were being internally directed in the last year to donate through this album.

"Hold The Vision," offered in digital only format, can be purchased through these outlets:


CD Baby


ONE SOUL THRUST first came to the attention of rock fans in 2010 with an album called “1ST” that saw them working with legendary rocker Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple, Black Sabbath et al), and European production sensation Alessandro Del Vecchio. Music impresario Michael Moore (Stevie Ray Vaughn, Ozzy, Michael Jackson et al) remains a staunch One Soul Thrust supporter. The band consists of Salem Jones (writer/vocals/guitar), Jag Mollerup (guitar/writer/engineer), and Todd Pretty (drums) joined by Italian rock bassist, Anna Portalupi. Graphics are done by a reclusive Canadian artist.

“Hold The Vision,” is the first half of a project called “Hold The Vision, Trust The Process”. The second half is recorded and awaits release in October, 2016.

Added on April 21, 2016

Canada's One Soul Thrust found themselves with a "flash release" this week when a Welsh radio show told them they were about to play Perfect Scream, a previously unreleased track from their third album, "Hold The Vision, Trust The Process". Here's the newsletter that went out to their fans:

Friday, Apr. 22, a cool little radio show in Wales called The Rock n Roll Circus on BFrm debuts “Perfect Scream”, the second single from “Hold The Vision, Trust The Process”. Another single so soon? Before the album releases in May?? Before the video is even finished??? That’s right. And you could be one of the first people to ever hear it.

Salem describes this funk-based rock song... “It’s about ignition and inspiration, that moment when someone, somewhere, says something, and it hits you with so much power that your mind and heart crack wide open. That’s a Perfect Scream. Even if it’s just a whisper.”

They're spinning Perfect Scream between 7-8pm local time. (Great! Stellar time for some r n r, right?) Well, Wales is in the same time zone as London- the one with The Queen- and 7pm over there is many hours earlier over here. 12 noon if you’re in the Rockies. (Look at those math skills.) After a couple of mind-numbing (and wrong) calculations to come to that conclusion, we decided that nobody should ever have to do math to hear rock n roll. So they told us they’d podcast it as well. We'll update you on that soon.

But for those of you who want to be one of the first people ever to hear Perfect Scream (not to mention played in real time, and announced by one of those uniquely cool Welsh accents)...

Here’s the link to BFrm & Rock n Roll Circus again. Just click their Listen Live button.

Official Release Date of 1ST's Third Album

Added on March 14, 2016

                                                FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Canadian rock band, One Soul Thrust’s third album “Hold The Vision, Trust The Process” will see the first half of it’s official release May 17, 2016. "Side A" (aka Hold The Vision) will consist of six of the eleven tracks recorded for the project and will be a digital-only release.

The choice to offer it in two parts was an artistic one for the band. “To us, the world seems to be charging headlong into pretty much anything and everything, for better or for worse,” says Salem Jones, 1ST’s leader and songwriter, “We might all do well to ‘pause’ and think now and then. The comma in the title and the two part release are symbols of this.” The concept of symbols in human society is a recurring theme in 1ST’s work. In fact, Jones has been known to refer to her rock image as “nothing but a symbol”.

The album brings together for the second time- in some cases the third- a trusted team of core members in Jones, guitarist Jag Mollerup and drummer Todd Pretty, along with globally respected rock producer Alessandro Del Vecchio, celebrated Italian bassist Anna Portalupi and the exemplary graphic artwork of a multi-disciplined, reclusive Canadian artist.

Conceived as a band in 2008, One Soul Thrust has previously released two well-received CD’s. On their first release, they recorded with The Voice of Rock, Glenn Hughes who liked that project so much that he included them in the discography of his autobiography.

New Single

Added on January 28, 2016


"Chambers Of Truth" the first single from One Soul Thrust's album "Hold The Vision, Trust The Process" releases today. The song, a long, slow blues-based ballad written by Salem Jones in 2014, suggests that in a very mixed up world, something forgotten and primal yet delicate predates our current predicaments, and we might want to consider employing it. 

The album that Chambers Of Truth hails from will release in two parts throughout 2016 and will be supported by a series of unique, multi-media rock shows that tell the story of the band’s journey, which coincides with the overall Human Journey. The theme suggests that people have more similarities than differences.

One Soul Thrust, working faithfully true to rock, under the radar of celebrity culture, is often called one of Canada’s best kept secrets.

View the video of Chambers Of Truth

The song can be purchased through iTunes, Amazon and CD Baby.

The Hold The Vision, Trust The Process Album & Tour 2016

Added on November 24, 2015


Music, Messages, Bards Galore. Canadian purist rock band ONE SOUL THRUST will be embarking on a series of unique live performances in 2016 to support their upcoming third album “Hold The Vision, Trust The Process”.

The “Hold The Vision, Trust The Process” shows will be new-concept multi-media featuring the band’s performance as centrepiece, framed by film, video, actors, props, and a few surprises. These media, some changing from show to show, intertwine to show story-of-life patterns that we all share but are still uniquely experienced by each of us.

Salem Jones, One Soul Thrust’s founder and the originator of the concept, who cites a family history of storytelling informing her song writing explains,” Every life is an incredible story. At this time in history, humanity is facing bewildering challenges and many people seem to feel as though we’ve passed some kind of turning point. We hear this angst everywhere we go. We want to share a live show, on several platforms at once, with the heartfelt hope of uplifting people, purely by entertaining and reflecting our shared human journey.”

“Hold The Vision, Trust The Process”- the album- produced by Europe’s Alessandro Del Vecchio, will be in simultaneous release with the tour. The first single and video "Chambers of Truth" will be out Jan. 28, 2016.

One Soul Thrust’s main line-up consists of Edmonton musicians Salem Jones, Jag Mollerup, and Todd Pretty. Joining them on two of their three albums is Italy’s first-call rock bassist, Anna Portalupi, who so resembles Jones, they could be sisters. The band’s well-received first album “1ST” was released in 2010 and featured The Voice of Rock, legend Glenn Hughes, singing with Jones.

The Starting Gun Fires For Third Album By Canadian Purist Rock Band

Added on July 23, 2015


On July 25, 2015 9:00am, Canada’s purist rock band, ONE SOUL THRUST, begins recording their third album at Studio 1ST in Edmonton, Alberta. Euro-production star, Alessandro Del Vecchio, will arrive in Canada from Italy to produce the project, fresh from his usual hard-hitting schedule of albums, tours, and working with an endless array of well-known rockers. Italian musician, Anna Portalupi, despite an equally hectic schedule, has been confirmed to play bass for the band again.

Upon completion of the album, there will be a contest to name it where fans can vote on their favourite of three contenders for the title.

ONE SOUL THRUST’s core consists of Salem Jones- vocals, songs, rhythm guitar, Jag Mollerup- guitars, vocals and Todd Pretty- drums, vocals. Portalupi has been with them long enough that it could be said she has earned a core spot. These musicians have worked with, been noticed by, and are respected by some of the most talented and well-respected of the rock world.

One Soul Thrust Featured on

Added on June 18, 2015

We're excited to tell you that has featured us in their Indie Inside section! Rabble is marked by high integrity journalism and truth-telling of the finest sort, so it's a pleasure to have them choose us. The feature is just up and within a couple of days will include a contest that gives away four copies of "1ST", our first CD.

Hope your summer is Pure Rock!

One Soul Thrust Confirms Alessandro Del Vecchio For Third Album

Added on January 10, 2015


One of Canada’s only purist rock bands, ONE SOUL THRUST, has confirmed that their third studio album, to be recorded in the autumn of 2015, will once again be produced by European rock-master ALESSANDRO DEL VECCHIO. Del Vecchio is the producer responsible for a lion's share of rock and melodic rock albums released in Europe in the last five years, either independently or on the Frontiers Records label. He produced One Soul Thrust’s previous two albums, the first one featuring “Go Home & Melt”, a sizzling vocal duet with rock legend Glenn Hughes and Salem Jones, One Soul Thrust’s singer/songwriter. Hughes has been noted more than once to praise Jones’ work, vocally, musically and lyrically. He joins another great rock legend in this, Paul Rodgers, who publically tipped his hat to Jones at a concert in 2013.

Del Vecchio has worked with a multitude of the best of rock’s elite including Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, California Breed), Steve Lukather (Toto), Neil Schon (Journey), Roger Glover (Deep Purple), James LaBrie (Dream Theater), Doug Aldrich (Whitesnake, Dio), Bernie Marsden (Whitesnake), Jack Blades (Night Ranger), etc.

Says Del Vecchio about this third One Soul Thrust album, “I'm finally back to my most favourite people. I simply love to work with One Soul Thrust. Salem Jones is one of my favourite songwriters and the way she builds her stories and lyrics is unique and rare. I'm so looking forward to creating some magic with them in the studio." One Soul Thrust is considering Italian first call rock bassist, Anna Portalupi (Tarja Turunen), for the project. Portalupi, currently a fast-rising star in Europe, played bass on their second album Know One Knows.

One Soul Thrust, often called “one of Canada’s best kept secrets”, has also been hailed mighty by industry impressario Michael Moore, the man who took Michael Jackson’s Thriller to #1 and is credited with co-discovering Stevie Ray Vaughn.

A Unique Radio Experience to Ring in the New Year

Added on December 29, 2014


On Monday, January 5, 2015 at midnight Eastern Time, one of Canada’s only purist rock bands, ONE SOUL THRUST, has a treat for CHRY 105.5FM rock listeners. That night the station’s unique rock and metal show, The Rush, will air a special broadcast, featuring four One Soul Thrust songs recorded live-off-the-floor by the band one month earlier. The Rush’s announcer Alex CrazyACE will also interview core band members Salem, Jag and Todd, live in real time, in between songs. 

The show will include live versions of two songs from their sophomore release “Know One Knows”, plus their corporate smackdown “Shimmering Wind”, as well as one brand new song, “Pthumper”, (pronounced “thumper”) which shows up on the song list for their next album, scheduled to be recorded in the autumn of 2015.

CrazyACE is an impassioned dj on a mission to put rock music back on the world stage where he says it belongs. One Soul Thrust has been called “one of Canada’s best kept secrets” and has had the nod of respect from such rock icons as Glenn Hughes and Paul Rodgers. This indie band’s first two albums received much critical acclaim both sides of the water, and their third is heavily anticipated. All three albums have had and will have, euro-sensation Alessandro Del Vecchio in the producer’s chair.

Their brand of rock leans heavy yet takes constant turns into the blues. Hinging on deep and insightful lyrics delivered by a unique and dynamic female singer/songwriter, their sound is unforgiving in it’s representation of all that was good about rock in the past, and all that could be good about rock in the future. Especially if the future contains bands like ONE SOUL THRUST.

Tune into The Rush here!

Canadian Rock Band 1ST Releases Performance Art Song

Added on October 8, 2014


On Monday, October 20, 2014, Canada’s purist rock band ONE SOUL THRUST will release an exclusive, one-time-only song for Toronto FM radio station CHRY’s annual fundraiser. The song, “Sacrifice”, will support CHRY’s rock show The Rush, which features up and coming rock radio announcer, Alex CrazyAce.

According to Salem Jones, One Soul Thrust’s leader and head writer, “Sacrifice will be played ONLY on The Rush the night of Oct. 20, somewhere between Midnight and 1:00am Eastern Time. It will never be released as a single, will never be sold anywhere, and essentially will only exist once. That night on The Rush.” Further to this rash and odd marketing move suggestive of performance art, One Soul Thrust’s youtube channel will feature trench footage of the making of Sacrifice which may show parts of the song under construction, but the song in its entirety will not be heard there either.

“It’s a recording representing a live performance of a song,” Jones continues, “When a band offers a song live, that version of it is done when it’s over. It actually literally ceases to exist after each note. This takes the concept of ‘release’ to a different place for us.”

According to Alex CrazyAce: ""This song totally struck a nerve!! LOVE the beginning riff, "Maybe the life I live will be mine", the entire song just really allowed me to feel a great deal of emotion and that is what real music does to you!  These are some of the deepest lyrics I've EVER heard. GREAT SONG! This one is definitely my new favourite 1ST song!! It's too bad this song will only be heard once!! What's great about this theme of the "one time thing" is that it truly reflects the true meaning of live performance and an old school perspective of it. Before there was technology, people actually had to go out and see a live performance, and it would never be mimicked the same way again. This song is truly a work of art and I'm dying to play it on air!"

One Soul Thrust has also been procured by The Rush to continue with this ephemeral theme and will be the focus of a live-off-the-floor show in early 2015.

Shimmering Wind- New Song Released

Added on July 21, 2014


Monday, July 21, at 12:00 midnight EST, Canadian purist rock band ONE SOUL THRUST, in conjunction with The Rush on CHRY 105.5 FM, officially releases a new single and lyrical video entitled “Shimmering Wind”. The song will be released exclusively for the evening on CHRY and along with a full band interview, is the finale of a 2 month radio campaign called One Big Rush with One Soul Thrust. The campaign saw The Rush playing a new One Soul Thrust song every two weeks as well as interviews with the band.

A free mp3 of “Shimmering Wind” will be offered to the first 5 fans who email One Soul Thrust through their website or pm them at their Twitter account. The song, offered for sale via CD Baby and iTunes, speaks to the need for the human race to listen to our intuition as opposed to all of the evil that floats on “the wind” and is a warning about the implications of war and corporate greed for us all. It asks you to trust yourself since we can no longer trust our leaders. The video is uniquely lyrical, and has a period look to it.

Though previously unreleased, “Shimmering Wind” was included as a bonus track on a motivational album by world class trainer Greg LeBoeuf. That album, called “Core Warrior Psychological Development” was released in Nov. 2013. 

One Soul Thrust is in their fifth year as a band, and is prepping for their third album which is scheduled to be produced by Italian, Alessandro Del Vecchio, who produced their first two. Their first album had a guest appearance by The Voice of Rock, Glenn Hughes who loved the band enough to suggest that they work together again.

View the video on Vimeo and Youtube .

July 21, 2014

CHRY's The Rush Enters 2 Month 1ST Promotion

Added on June 1, 2014



June 2014 will see the beginning of a 2 month playlist agreement between Canadian purist rock band ONE SOUL THRUST and 105.5 CHRY’S hard rock metal show, The Rush, hosted by up and coming broadcast sensation Alex CrazyAce. Alex will spin a new One Soul Thrust song every two weeks and listeners can also enjoy some off the cuff band antics in the form of station id’s.


Says Alex about the band, “You guys are truly fantastic! It's always a pleasure to showcase some great Canadian rock!” Alex recently spun "Drivin'" the second single from One Soul Thrust's second album and did a long interview with Salem Jones, the band's lead singer and head writer.


The Rush goes onto CHRY’s schedule as a weekly show starting Monday June, 3, 2014, 12:00 midnight Eastern Time (10:00 pm Mountain Time). One Soul Thrust will be part of the featured programming starting June 9. Several songs from their second album Know One Knows will be played.


CHRY's The Rush Interviews Salem

Added on May 14, 2014

Recently, Alex CrazyAce from The Rush on CHRY at York University did a great interview with Salem. York is home to some committed up and coming broadcasters and Alex's show has just been put into regular rotation. Starting June 2, 2014, you can listen every week. He'll be rockin' great tunes and periodically reminding us that We're Drivin' The Bus!

Drivin Video Release With a Cool Theme

Added on March 13, 2014


March, 14, 2014 12:01 GMT saw the release of the video for Drivin’ by Edmonton, Canada rockers ONE SOUL THRUST. Drivin, the second single from their second album, Know One Knows, was donated to British charity Edgar’s Gift for a compilation album called The 29 Rock You Cancer, also released March 14. Edgar’s Gift offers aid and experiences for people aged 18-30 who are dealing with cancer and have achieved an impressive 132 wishes since 2011.

“This charity touched our hearts so deeply,” said One Soul Thrust’s singer Salem Jones. “The couple who started Edgar’s Gift lost their son when he was very young and we just couldn’t stop thinking about that, so when they asked us for a song, we wanted to help.”

As well as using performance footage of the band, the video has a racing theme and uses vintage pre-NASCAR footage of western Canadian stock car driver Barry Pippin #71, who set records on the track that stood for over 20 years. He also happens to be One Soul Thrust's singer, Salem Jones's, father. Another interesting twist to the footage is that it was taken with Salem, as a baby, in the stands, while her Dad raced.

One Soul Thrust’s first album included a guest appearance by the legendary Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, California Breed, Black Country Communion etc.) singing with Ms. Jones, who also went on to impress Paul Rodgers (Bad Company, Free, Queen) in concert, with her voice. Michael Moore of Moorehits who worked with Michael Jackson, Ozzy Osbourne and Stevie Ray Vaughn, etc. and is responsible for taking over 140 singles to #1 says this about One Soul Thrust, “…It’s like a Ferrari…conviction & originality....unique phrasing & emphasis treatments...this music kicks my butt!" 

View the video!

For more information about the 29 Rock You Cancer album and the work they do contact Edgar's Gift 

Released by Sharon Pippin Talent Inc.

March 13, 2014 6:01pm MT


Countdown to the Release of Drivin' Video

Added on March 9, 2014

Everybody is back from the balmy seas, tanned and soooooo relaxed, yet we're thoroughly pumped for the release of the video for Drivin' this Friday, March 14 at midnight GMT. We had more fun making this one than any video any of us have ever worked on. It's a pleasure to dedicate it to Edgar's Gift.


Added on January 22, 2014

Canadian purist rock band ONE SOUL THRUST announced today that they have parted ways with recently added German guitarist Heiko Rueger. Citing differences in artistic direction, the band says the split immediately gave them a new surge of energy for their third album, scheduled for release in 2015.  

In an interview this morning, bandleader Salem Jones was frank and positive, “We’re absolutely inspired by this. It feels very ‘right’, like a shift back to what’s true to us. Every artist walks many paths on their journey and we wish Heiko success in his. ” 

ONE SOUL THRUST is currently writing for their third album and it’s rumoured that European producer, Alessandro Del Vecchio (Steve Lukather, Glenn Hughes, Bobby Kimball, Roger Glover, Ian Paice, etc.) will once again sit in the producer’s chair. 

A new video is also in the works to accompany the release of their single “Drivin” which will appear on a compilation CD for British charity Edgar’s Gift. That album is due out in March, 2014.



Sharon Pippin Talent Inc.


Shoot Videos Not Turkeys

Added on December 23, 2013

We just finished shooting some footage for the video of Drivin’ which will accompany the Edgar’s Gift Charity Compilation CD. Coyote, our DOP flew in from Montreal, QC and we aced it in about 8 hours. For those of you who know, you know that’s a very short shoot for us. (Shades of We Gotta Change- 30 hours later…LOL) But then this is a different kind of vid. Remember when some of you Soul Thrusters sent us your ideas and/or footage way back when? Well, that’s our main focus and the trench-style segments we shot of the band will complement that. Since ‘tis The Season to be jolly, bark at the Solstice moon, fast for 12 days, give Love, Joy & Presents, eat chocolate shortbread or just generally do what you do, everybody vamoosed immediately after the shoot. Once the photographers sort through their work, we’ll get some pics up for you. Until then, we wish you all The Best of The Best this holiday season and may 2014 burn more rubber for you than ever before! Just remember- “You are the One who’s Drivin”. \m/ \m/

1ST Donates Song to UK Charity Edgar's Gift

Added on November 30, 2013

It gives us extreme pleasure to announce that  Drivin', the second single from Know One Knows, will be included on a compilation album to be released next spring by UK charity Edgar's Gift. Edgar's Gift seeks to bring interesting and enlivening experiences to people between the ages of 18 and 30 who are battling cancer. Conceived in 2010 by the family of a young man who lost his life at the age of 25, this charity does great work in the UK and we're fiercely proud to support it. The video of Drivin', using organic fancam images, will release at the same time.

In The Batcave & The Wind is Shimmering

Added on October 3, 2013

Well Thrusters…been a while since we blogged from Studio 1ST. We’re deep in the hole to finish a song called Shimmering Wind. It’s for an album we’re collaborating on with one of our closest friends and a very cool guy named Greg LeBoeuf. The album is called Core Warrior Psychological Development and it’s the first of The Warrior Archetype Series. Incidentally Shimmering Wind will also be on our next album. 

We’re at the point where we’re in pyjamas, eating chocolate, drinking weird herbal teas (ok not that kind of weird- just tulsi and double bergamot) and we feel like we live in the control room. Todd came in to lay some mighty drums. Due to copious amounts of caffeine at 1:00 am the night before- what were you thinking Brutha T??- he was bleary-eyed (WHAT?! A BLEARY-EYED MUSICIAN IN THE STUDIO?? Whoever heard of such a thing??!…) but as always, he pulled out his thunder for this heavier tune. Heiko- the strong silent type- laid his part in no time. He was a bit nervous being the new guy but when Salem accused him of making German jokes, he relaxed. Heiko’s German jokes rock. Everybody loves ‘em, though we don’t know what he’s saying. Speaking of guitars, there’ll be 3 on this one. Salem laid her guitar part next and said that it was the most fun she’d had since Ale got off the plane dressed for sub arctic temperatures in April. Speaking of Ale…we’re self-producing this version of the song but we’re always in touch with our crazy fratello di anima and he’s lending his ears before final mixdown. Jag is a great engineer,  and both Salem and Jag are able producers, so all is in good hands. 

Did we mention JAG?? Welllllll, Jag laid a nasty good rhythm part but at this writing hasn’t yet broken out the power tools for the solo. He says that it’ll be different than any solo he’s ever played. Everyone does not know what to expect after a statement like that. We’ll find out after our next rehearsal in a couple of days when the time comes that every guitarist can’t wait for- Time To Lay THE SOLO!! We’ll keep you posted on what he does (unless he issues a gag order). 

Now for the bass. Well our beloved Anna is, as we speak, embarking on a 2 year tour with the one and only Tarja Turunen (from Nightwish) so she was not available. Since the show must go on, Salem & Jag arranged the bass parts and our resident genius, Jag Himself, played them. At one point- a testament to his thoroughly amazing bass-playing brother, Laurence- Jag looked up and said,”Bass is hard.” Big ROFL’s all ‘round. But he’s right. Ever looked at bass strings? Those things are THICK...Like Sensei Glenn Hughes says, "THE BASS IT DON'T LIE."

Shortly thereafter vocals started happening and just when we thought we had ‘em, we did NOT. But then we did. Funny how that happens with anything...just wait for it…Anyway, the tune is a dissonant, middle eastern-influenced 7/4 in the chorus and the main vocal hook note is a 4th- for all of you who dig theory, everybody else…feel free to take a bathroom break- and as you might suspect 4th’s for a lead vocal hook are tricky things. Salem’s dramatic delivery really suits this tune and she was spitting mad about the state of the world when she wrote the lyrics in 2012, but she tried to not scream her head off so that she could truly sing it. Her outro gives us shivers. Hope it gives you the shivers too. 

Throughout all of this, massive editing was taking place. Did you know that hours of editing go into just one song? Setting levels, deleting superfluous finger scratches on strings, toning down a drummer singing along while he’s laying drum parts (SORRY TODD…) resetting levels…it goes on…the less glamorous yet supremely important part of what we do. We also had to break for emails to Ale, because he’s crazy and we miss him. And to walk Shanti, the studio dog. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy…as they say, and Shimmering Wind is anything but dull. 

Check This Brilliant Video of Glenn Hughes Recording Go Home & Melt

Added on August 7, 2013

Click here to see Sensei Hughes working his magic, talking about songwriting, singing in 1971 and his heroes. Brilliant stuff.

1ST Adds New Guitarist- Introducing Heiko Rueger!

Added on July 26, 2013

It gives us the greatest pleasure to announce that German heavy guitarist Heiko Rueger has permanently joined One Soul Thrust. Heiko, now living in Canada, spent most of his life in East Germany where he worked as an original artist and bandleader, recording two albums with Chain Reaction. Though you’d think he and Jag were brothers- they look very much alike- their styles are very different. Yet the fit is perfect. The band’s guitarscape has become much more lush and diverse and guitar-lovers take note, the addition of Heiko gives 1ST a two, sometimes three, guitar sound.  Words from the new man himself… “It was just the right time for me. Jag came around the corner and asked me to check the band out and wow! Their straight ahead effort and commitment really impressed me, not to mention the songs. No matter what happens, Salem keeps writing, they keep collaborating, they just keep going and I want to be a part of it, to put my own stamp on the sound.” From the rest of the band, “Heiko’s such a pure musician. I’ve always envisioned 1ST with at least two guitars and his playing fits us perfectly. We’re heavier and more soulful all at once. The whole band is walking around with a perpetual grin.” – Salem. “I’ve never worked with another guitar player who has so much talent yet so little ego. When the whole guitar section places the song first it’s a win-win-win. I can’t wait for the next gig, not to mention the next album!”- Jag. “Grande chitarrista! Heiko rocks!”- Anna. “Two words- HEAVY and SHREDDER.”- Todd.

Third Album

Added on May 15, 2013

1ST is currently writing, demoing  and fervently following The Muse for their third album. As of yet this one is untitled. Once they're satisfied with the material selection, they'll be running a contest for fans to name it. So stay tuned; the deep, dark tunnels of rock, the parts unseen, unheard and unimagined are where the music really happens. Emergence is inevitable.

Know One Knows - Official Release

Added on February 14, 2012

The limited edition deluxe full graphics version of Know One Knows in hard copy has sold out. To own the sleek and streamlined to fit in your pocket version go here: Amazon |  iTunes | CD Baby.

A word about the deluxe version - it's for you uberlovers of hard copy, you typical collectors, and its a full on graphics package designed by one of the brightest and most reclusive new talents in the world of album art.

And check our Youtube channel. For those of you who asked about the making of the album, we're posting some regular interview footage for you. Tidbits, tales, lots of gear talk...

We Gotta Change

Added on January 1, 2012

We Gotta Change is officially released. See the video here and now.

Many Things a-Brewing

Added on August 11, 2011

For those of you who like to keep your eye on the future, the album releases Feb. 14, 2012 and as you may already know, it was produced by our soulbrother, Alessandro Del Vecchio, who's one busy eurostar these days. The video was directed by a hot yet very cool newcomer, Rob McKoen. You'll be hearing about Rob. Yes, many a-thing is brewing and bubbliing, so stay tuned Soul Thrusters...