One Soul Thrust- 1ST for short- puts their passion where their mouth is. And out of that mouth comes the group’s signature sound via songwriter/lead vocalist, Salem Jones. Put Heart’s Ann Wilson and Queensryche’s Geoff Tate in a blender. Ignore all except the tastiest of screams. Mix. Pour. Wielding presence and mystique with an understated but confident sexuality, and an arsenal of intelligent lyrics, Salem is the full meal deal of rock singers. Add drummer Todd Pretty’s powerful rock grooves, guitarist Jag Mollerup’s thoughtfully aggressive chords, bassist Anna Portalupi's sizzling attack, and you have what one US journalist called “one of Canada’s best kept secrets”. Their style- modern yet classic rock-influenced- lends itself to success without compromise. From pure rock to soulful blues, it’s all rock and it’s all executed with precision, experience & creativity… but it starts with passion.

1ST is not- thankfully- a secret to all, specifically some of the best in the global rock community as well as members of Canada’s Tupelo Honey and The Northern Pikes with whom they've worked in the past. Even Europe heard the 1ST clarion call when well-known Italian musician/producer Alessandro Del Vecchio chose to produce all of their CD’s. Notably on the first album, Salem made history by being the first Canadian singer (and the second female singer in the world) to record a duet with The Voice of Rock, Deep Purple's Glenn Hughes. The song “Go Home & Melt” was played by indie radio in over 38 countries around the world and Hughes loved her voice and songs enough to suggest they work together again. Further to the respect this singer has, Paul Rodgers of seminal rock band Bad Company, actually handed his microphone to her to sing solo in his finale at a concert at Edmonton’s Jubilee Auditorium in Sept. of 2011. 1ST was also hailed as true talent in 2011 by Michael Moore of In addition to taking 140 songs to #1, Moore is credited with co-discovering Steve Ray Vaughn and successfully launching Michael Jackson’s Thriller and Ozzy’s Bark At The Moon. Needless to say, he knows it when he hears it.

These prolific, lifelong musicians have four releases from a previous project under their belts, their debut CD, “1ST” came out to great reviews, a 2nd album “Know One Knows” was well-received in early 2012, and a 3rd album has been recorded to release in 2016 along with a series of unique multi-media performances.

Passion. The kind that never dies. The best kind.